The Question on Every Couple’s Mind: Should We Hire a Videographer?


Your wedding is filled with moments that make up the bigger picture – ones that are perfect to turn into a film you will treasure just as much as your wedding album. For these reasons and so many more, I adore videographers and think you should definitely consider hiring a great professional, like Ariella Fullman from Just Hitched Wedding Films. Below are three of my top reasons why you and your groom might want to consider adding a videographer to your wedding vendor team:  Moments You Didn’t See: Ariella says this so perfectly, “The day flies by so fast, so video captures the moments they miss.” As much as I wish it wasn’t true, it’s inevitable that you will miss moments at your wedding for a few reasons.  First, you (and your groom!) are not always present throughout the day. From time spent getting ready separately to moments spent catching up with close friends and family at the reception, you will miss expressions, conversations, and a dance or two. Second, your wedding day will pass by in a lovely blur. I always encourage my couples to step away and watch their reception for a few moments, so they’re able to see all of the love surrounding them. A videographer will capture all of the moments you might not see, so you’re able to relive your wedding day for years to come.

Beautiful Spring Wedding from JustHitched Films on Vimeo.

Video Captures Voices: The excitement of your guests as they catch up with each other before your ceremony begins, the meaningful vows you and your groom so lovingly exchange, and the hysterical speeches your family and friends recite at your reception – these are just a few of the moments you will want to be able to listen to (and watch!) again and again. But you will also love having the opportunity to hear a friend’s voice who may move to a new city just as much as listening to your grandparents’ joyful conversations again after they have passed away. Hearing voices again is the best gift.

julia + eric [the story of we do] from wvmotionworks on Vimeo.

 A Moving Picture of Your Day: Your photographer and videographer are essentially capturing the same moments, but your video allows those moments to move exactly as they did on your wedding day. You can see your mom zip your dress again and watch as you and your groom share your first look. You can relive your walk down the aisle, and see and hear your wedding party introduced at your reception. You’ll watch as you have your first dance and be able to listen to the song exactly how the band sang it. You’ll always remember running through a sea of sparklers at the end of the night, but with a video you will be able to watch the moment again as it unfolded.

Ronak + Faith from Maryn Graves on Vimeo.

I could not agree with the statement from this article more than I already do, “A picture is worth a thousand words, but I think those words are worth hearing too.”  So what do you think Morgantown Bride: How important is filming your wedding? In my opinion I would had LOVE to watch my parents or grandparents wedding film… and I'm sure your children will feel the same way!

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