Pinterest vs. Reality #01


Dear #Morgantown Brides, I decided to start a weekly series called "Pinterest vs. Reality" aka "Pintelity". Let me be clear: I DO LOVE PINTEREST! but as anything in life, too much of one thing is dangerous. We often see gorgeous wedding receptions on Pinterest, and we can use them as "inspiration", but when you try to replicate the same thing, you need to add 2 factors to the equation:

  • Budget: According to the website, the average wedding cost in the United States is $25,200. Couples typically spend between $19K and $32K. So when you see a picture on Pinterest, you don't know the budget of that wedding, maybe the couple spent $300 a centerpiece or $100, you will never know.
  • Location: The majority of the wedding pictures on Pinterest are from weddings that took place in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., etc.., where you can find an array of vendors, flower markets, rentals companies, and more. Although, we have amazing and very talented wedding professionals in our lovely wild and wonderful state (West Virginia), your options are limited than the ones you can find in the Big Apple. But hey! you can get everything you want, but keep in mind that is going to cost more.

At the end, all depends on your expectations for your wedding day, and of course, how much money you feel able to spend without breaking the bank! And please trust your wedding professionals, use Pinterest as a reference, but keep in mind YOU should have a wedding that reflect WHO YOU ARE, not somebody else.

Here is the first Pinterest vs. Reality: LINENS


Overlay: 90 x 90 Ivory Gold Floral Bouquet (average rental cost $30-$50 each)

Linen: 132" round Ivory Satin (average rental cost $15-$25 each)

Gold Chiavari Chairs (average rental cost $6.49 - $9 each)

Chiavari Chair Cap (average rental cost $3-$5 each)

150 guests = 16-18 tables

Linens $990 + Chiavari Chairs $1,150 + Chair Cap $600 = $2,740

Note: This is without adding centerpieces, napkins, special dinnerware, flatware and glassware.