Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner for Your Destination Wedding

'Destination Wedding'.  If you're like us, the phrase alone sends a tingle of excitement down your spine!  It calls to mind exotic locales, sublime scenery, romantic escapades...and perhaps language barriers, confusing directions, and embarrassing faux pas around local customs.  In fact, the logistical difficulties of planning and managing a destination wedding have been known to scare off a bride or two.  Cue the dramatic music: Don't let this happen to you!  You deserve that beachfront wedding in Samana!  You've earned that Beach Villa bash in Dorado!  At Yohana Williams Weddings, we're quite familiar with the siren song of the Destination Wedding -- and we know how to pull it off without a hitch.  Here's why bringing us along will make your nonnative nuptials a stress-free success:

1) Extensive, broad-based knowledge of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico. 

We're not talking tourist traps.  At YWW, we've got the skinny on some of the most beautiful and uncommon locales you've never heard of.

2) Relationship with Local Vendors.  Unless you're planning on flying in a whole wedding production team (go girl!), you'll need to work closely with local craftspeople and caterers.  YWW has the established connections to make this step a breeze.

3) Familiar Face.  At YWW, we work with couples from the beginning of the planning process through production.  The second you step off the plane (or boat!), you'll be surrounded by stunning and unfamiliar sights.  Which is kind of the point.  =)  But having a wedding professional you've come to know and trust by your side will give you an extra measure of assurance.

4) No language barrier.  YWW is a fully bilingual planning service (Spanish and English). 


5) Culture shock?  I think not.  YWW understands cultural differences in the way venues and vendors operate outside the US.  For contract negotiations or just chatting with the locals, YWW is an invaluable asset for your destination wedding in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic or Mexico!


Ready to talk about the possibilities?  So are we!  

Still unsure whether a destination wedding is right for you?  Here's something to consider: the most delightful and distinctive destination weddings completely immerse the couple (and their guests) in a different culture and locale.  That means that a successful destination wedding will be unlike anything the couple might experience back home.  Why?  The right wedding planner will have the knowledge and connections to bring the best local offerings, crafts and fare to the table.  Instead of tourists, you'll feel like travelers on your wedding day.  And there's a big difference.  =)

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