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2014 is almost gone!! and it seems like yesterday we were prepping timelines for Spring weddings. (what?!?! when!?!? how!?!?!)

And with everything that comes to an end, we get nostalgic and want to relieve those moments that brought us joy, happiness, made us laugh and made us cry :) and that's what weddings are all about. Weddings are a labor of love, the couple's love, the love of their family and friends, and the love we, wedding professionals, pour out of our hearts to make their union a meaningful celebration.

Weddings can be big, small, traditional or with any theme you can think of, but at the end, they are a reflection of two people who love each other, and wedding photographers have the most rewarding and difficult task of documenting it all, geez!  no pressure, right?!?!

So this year, we asked our wedding photographers friends, to hit us with their best shot that is! And we are thankful of the ones that took the time to submit their best shots. Some of you might not know, but a wedding photographer takes more than 800 shots per wedding (some more, some less) so imagined the extremely hard task for them to choose JUST one photo!

We personally love them all, hope you enjoyed them too. They are all artists with extraordinary creative minds that you don't want to miss!

Disclaimer: This is not a contest, and we are not judges. This is just a way for us to honored our wedding photographer friends :) they are listed in alphabetical order.


Abby Caldwell Photography


From Abby: This couple was a favorite to shoot because their connection was so genuine that I didn't have to tell them to do a thing. I just sat back and watched the magic unfold before my eyes. They were so involved with each other that I think they forgot I was even there. This shot is about two people and the commitment they've made to love each other each new day. The wedding was shot at Sotterley Plantation (

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Amberlee Christey Photography


From Amberlee: This wedding was awesome because the couple made it totally about them.  They had a small intimate wedding at a spot at Coopers Rock that had meaning to them.  12 guests sat and listened to every word of their vows while sleet came down through the trees.  It was magical :)  I love love!  :) <3

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Brittany Anderson Photography


From Brittany: This was a genuine moment between these two soul mates. I've never seen a groom so proud to wear his ring. Location: Downtown High Street Venue, Hotel Morgan; Morgantown, West Virginia

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Callie Lindsey Photography


From Callie: I love this photo because of the raw emotion it captures between Justin and Ashton - these two were so excited to get married and start their lives together! Their wedding was stunning, and every detail was Pinterest worthy, but the thing I loved the most about their day was that they made sure to keep the focus on what was most important - their marriage! Location: Morgantown, WV (Taken in a street right behind a Starbucks parking lot!)

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The Oberports || Emily Porter and Bobby Oberlander


Megan and Shawn admiring the New River Gorge Bridge during their September 12th elopement on Long Point Trail in Fayetteville.

From Bobby: I love the opportunity to show off how beautiful our state is, and the New River Gorge Bridge is one of WV's most treasured landmarks. Also, elopements are so laid back and intimate. (September 12, 2014)


James and Heather popping a bottle of champagne after their ceremony at Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon.

From Emily: One of the most satisfying parts of this job is anticipating & capturing decisive moments, so I was thrilled when I saw this shot on the back of my camera! More couples need to pop bottles of champagne immediately after their ceremony - it was such a fun way to kick off their evening of celebrations. (October 13, 2014)

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