Ask Yohana - We got engaged! Now What?


You got engaged {YAY! best wishes to you and your fiancé!} and after nailing down the “perfect” engagement ring selfie, it’s time to get serious with this wedding planning thing.

Here are our recommendations to start planning your big DAY:

Let’s talk Budget

Yeap, there goes the excitement! But unfortunately, that’s one of the first things you and your fiancé need to establish. Budget it’s not about how much the national average wedding cost (according to The Knot is $29,858) it’s about how much YOU can afford. Each couple’s budget is different, maybe the parents are footing the bill (which also they need to tell you their budget), maybe it’s just you and your fiancé, or a combination, in any case, you need to have a budget that makes everyone comfortable.


[pullquote width="500" float="center"]#YohanaWeddingTip venue, catering and photography will take more than 50% of your budget, so we recommend to lock those 3 first before you hire any other wedding vendors.[/pullquote]

Talk About Dates

You might no have “the date”, but we recommend having an idea of what month or season you want to get married. Here in West Virginia couples need to consider the Mountaineers college football calendar, because a wedding in Morgantown during a home game, it’s nearly impossible.

Greenbrier Wedding-Save the Date-NicoLalaCustom Save The Date by Nico and Lala

[pullquote width="500" float="center"]#YohanaWeddingTip Getting hitched off-season (late fall to early spring) will give you some room to negotiate with your wedding vendors, as there is less competition.  Also, think about a Friday or Sunday.[/pullquote]

Fun Fact: Did you know that October 10th, 2015 and September 19th, 2015 are one of the busiest wedding dates this year?

Who is coming?…and who is not?

The guest list determines where you hold the reception, and how much will it costs per guest. We recommend our couples to make 3 guests lists:

A: Close family and friends that NEED to be there no matter what!

B: High school and college friends that still in your life, and aunts, uncles and cousins that it will be nice if they are there.

C: Everybody else that will get an invitation only if the space and the budget allows it.

You can always adjust the list, but you need to have a rough number before you start scouting wedding venues.

Waterfront-Place-Hotel-Morgantown-Wedding-Venue-Amberlee-Christey-PhotographyPhoto by Amberlee Christey Photography

[pullquote width="500" float="center"]#YohanaWeddingTip Guests on the C list will not get a Save the Date, you can send them an invitation once you know more or less about who is coming.[/pullquote]

And no matter what you do ENJOY YOUR ENGAGEMENT! this is the start of your marriage life, and it's not about just one day. xoxo, Yohana